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A-FIRST TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in the Taiwan in 1998. We are a native manufacturer, have abounding Practice experience, offer telecommunication network equipment and diligent service, and intact system combination and solution base on customer's demand.

Since we known copper cable easy to be interfered and its transmission quality and frequency bandwidth were affected by distance in 2003. We know the optic fiber will become new trend and application in the future, so we research Fiber Optical Access Equipment and System in 2004. Now, we produced the point-to-point media converter system by our own.

Technological industry always research and develop the most advanced technology. Products are gave a variety application and brand-new value. Our main goal is innovates new application and creates the value of products. We've finished the first equipment of European digital loop carrier system, and the first intersection of phone and loop stretch system build-in police system.

For chasing advanced technology, we got the technology of Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) from Industrial Technology Research Institute in 2005. We always provide customers products that are superior in Design, Quality, and Reliability. We combine our innovative technology and innovative application to create brand-new value. We achieve the international standardization and help our customers to create add-value to their products.

Facing the ever-changing world, we research with an attitude of innovation and courage, in order to open up a new wave of optic fiber development in Taiwan.

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